Glass City Visa Debit Cards

Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted and earn Buzz Points Rewards Points!

Our Glass City Visa Debit Card can be used to make deposits or withdrawals to your Glass City accounts at an ATM. It can also be used to make purchases at any merchant that accepts Visa, and the funds are deducted from your checking account.

Making Purchases with Your Glass City Visa Debit Card

When using your Glass City Visa Debit Card at a merchant, be sure to choose CREDIT and sign your name for your purchase. By signing instead of using your PIN, you are protecting both your account and your purchase.

Buzz Points Rewards  

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Glass City debit cardholders receive one point for every $4 spent anywhere. For information regarding point redemption, see Buzz Points Frequently Asked Questions.

To enroll and for further details visit .

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photo of a Glass City Federal Credit Union Debit Card
Photo of a Glass City Federal Visa Credit Card
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Monitor Your Debit Card

24/7 Customer Service Phone Number:

Lost or stolen Glass City Visa Debit Card Phone Number:

Glass City’s chip-enabled Visa Debit Card FAQ

Glass City Card Controls Mobile App to Manage your Glass City Visa Debit & Credit Cards

Glass City Card Controls, a new mobile app to manage your Glass City Debit and Credit Card is now available! 

For your Debit Card, the Card Controls app allows you lock or unlock your card with a single touch, set alerts for fraud protection, view transaction history, file a dispute, report your card as lost or stolen, set travel notifications, and more. The Card Controls app is also available for your Glass City Visa Credit Card. See the Visa Credit Card page for more information. Card Controls can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store by searching for Glass City Card Controls or by using the links below:

  • Apple Phones click here
  • Android Phones click here

For app registration and usage instructions, click here.

For “Frequently Asked Questions” about the Card Controls app, click here.

If questions, please contact Glass City Card Services at 419-887-1000.

Expansive Network of Surcharge-Free ATMs

Glass City Federal Credit Union offers access to thousands of ATM machines—for free!

Through the Alliance One network, you can access your money nationwide without having to pay surcharges at our ATMs. You can also make deposits or withdrawals from your checking or savings at any Glass City Federal ATM machine—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Save Money While You Spend—with Swipe and Save!

Photo of a piggy bank with a Glass City Visa Debit Card dropping change into it


We’ve made saving money even easier with our Swipe and Save program! With this service, your debit card purchases are automatically rounded up to the next whole dollar, and the extra change is transferred to any of your Glass City Federal savings accounts. The extra change is transferred to your selected account once the debit transactions clear from your checking account.


Contact any of our branches to sign up now—and watch your savings grow!

Digital Wallet Options

Glass City Federal Credit Union offers the following digital wallet options for all Glass City Visa Debit and Credit cardholders:

  • Samsung Pay™
  • Google Pay™
  • Apple Pay™
  • New! LG Pay™

Upon adding a Glass City Visa Debit or Credit Card to these payment options on a compatible device, cardholders can make in-store purchases with a single touch or wave of their phone at the contactless reader at participating retailers and restaurants.

Using these options is private and secure. The cardholder’s card number and information are never exposed, as there is no need to present a card at check-out.

Please note: Digital wallets are unavailable for cardholders with an expiration date prior to 2/2023 and any cardholders who were issued a debit card at a Glass City branch from 2/10/20 to 4/22/20. Please contact a branch for a new debit card.

For details on each digital payment option and downloading instructions, click the provider logo of your choice below:


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Google Pay Logo

Apple Pay

LG Pay Logo

Visit any branch to get your Glass City Visa Debit Card today.