Another Way to Save

Share Certificates of Deposit

Glass City offers several Share Certificate of Deposit options to help grow your money.

3-Month Share
Certificates of Deposit

Invest $1,000 or more to open a 3-month Share Certificate of Deposit. This Certificate does not compound and pays all dividends at maturity.


6 to 60-Month Share
Certificates of Deposit

You can open any other Glass City Share Certificate of Deposit with $500 or more. Terms range from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 60 months, with several options in between. Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly.

Youth/Student Share
Certificates of Deposit

This 12-month Certificate has a minimum balance of just $250, and is designed for our members ages 0 to 22.


Talk to a Glass City representative today about our Share Certificate of Deposit options.