Mortgage Pre-approval Application Checklist

Thank you for choosing Glass City Federal Credit Union for your mortgage pre-approval needs! Pre-approval loan requests that are approved will be issued for 90 days. There is no cost to process a mortgage loan pre-approval with us.

Please complete the following steps for your pre-approval:

    1. Contact Glass City’s Mortgage Department by email or phone indicating your interest in obtaining mortgage financing at: OR 419-887-1054, or complete our Easy Online Questionnaire application here.
    2. Establish account relationship/membership at a Glass City Federal Credit Union branch. Membership is a requirement for us to process your pre-approval request.
    3. Once a Glass City Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) has been in contact with you, please send the requested loan documentation to: or you may drop off your information at any Glass City Federal Credit Union office location; be sure to label your information as follows: Attn: Mortgage Department
    4. Upon receipt of your information/documentation, your Glass City MLO will contact you to further assist with any questions and to complete the loan application process by phone.
    5. The loan request will then be processed with credit underwriting review for the final approval of your mortgage loan.

Documentation Needed:

Evidence of Total Monthly Income

      • If you are a salaried or hourly employee, the most recent paystub(s) covering the last 30 days and showing year-to-date income information and showing company name and address.
      • Copies of W-2 forms and federal tax returns for the last two years.
      • If you are self-employed, copy of the last 2 years’ complete federal tax returns including all schedules, copy of current year’s profit and loss statement, copy of current year’s balance sheet showing all assets and liabilities.
      •  If you receive award income, copies of award letters (social security, disability, retirement) and proof of receipt to the present date.
      • If you receive support income, proof of receipt of support (alimony, child, etc.) for the past 12 months (canceled checks, bank statements, payment history from clerk of courts).
      • If using rental income, copies of lease agreements and last 2 years’ complete personal federal tax returns.

Other Income Types (If applicable, i.e. social security, pension, disability etc.)

      • For Social Security monthly awarded benefit – provide copy of annual benefit award letter and year-end tax document from Social Security.
      • For Pension monthly awarded benefit – provide copy of pension award letter to identify terms of pension.
      • For Disability Income- provide copy of monthly benefit award letter to identify terms of disability benefit.

Evidence of Funds used for Downpayment, Closing Costs, Etc. 

      • Copies of the last 2 months’ statements for each checking, savings and/or deposit account, showing the account number, name, and address of your financial institution.
      • If you are using gift funds, a signed gift letter (see your loan officer for the gift letter form) and verification of source of gift funds.
      • If you have investment accounts, copies of latest stock and/or bond statements detailing the last 2 months.

Refinance Transactions

      • Copies of most recent Deed, Title papers, and Property Survey so that price discounts can be obtained for you.
      • Declarations page of current Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.

Miscellaneous Items

      • If this is a purchase transaction, copy of purchase agreement and addendums signed by both buyer and seller.
      • Copy of earnest deposit check for offer accepted.
      • If you are selling your home, copy of listing agreement and pending sale offer to purchase contract.
      • If you are a current mortgage holder, copy of the last end-of-year statement from the current mortgage holder showing the account number, name, and address of the financial institution.
      • If you are currently renting, complete address and phone number of current landlord.
      • If you have been divorced, copy of recorded divorce decree and settlement statement or support agreement showing all financial obligation.
      • If subject property is a condominium, copy of Condo By-Laws and the name, phone number and address of the Condo Association’s President.
      • If you have declared bankruptcy within the past seven years, a complete copy of the petition and discharge and handwritten explanation of the circumstances.
      • If you are a resident alien, evidence of residency that is issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
      • If you are receiving a bridge loan or relocation assistance, copy of the agreement and evidence of funds received.
      • Each applicant (borrower and co-borrower, if applicable) must have their own email address and provide them (no shared email addresses)

Real Estate Loans(All Open & Existing)

      • Provide the most recent copy of monthly mortgage loan statement for ALL mortgage loan types that you have current monthly obligation (i.e., 1st mortgage statements, home equity loans statements, closed 2nd mortgages for all real estate owned properties.)

Construction Loans

    • Construction agreement including specifications and plans with builder.
    • Lot deed and title policy.

For more information and assistance, contact:

Mortgage Center