Mortgage Application Checklist

Thank you for choosing Glass City Federal Credit Union for your mortgage pre-approval needs. Please provide us with all of the documentation requested below. Pre-approvals are valid for 90 days. Please send the requested documentation and any questions that you have to


Evidence of Total Monthly Income

  • If you are a salaried or hourly employee, the most recent paystub(s) covering the last 30 days and showing year-to-date income information and showing company name and address.
  • Copies of W-2 forms and tax returns for the last two years.
  • If you are self-employed, copy of the last 2 years’ complete tax returns including all schedules, copy of current year’s profit and loss statement, copy of current year’s balance sheet showing all assets and liabilities.
  •  If you receive award income, copies of award letters (social security, disability, retirement) and proof of receipt to the present date.
  • If you receive support income, proof of receipt of support (alimony, child, etc.) for the past 12 months (canceled checks, bank statements, payment history from clerk of courts).
  • If using rental income, copies of lease agreements and last 2 years’ complete personal tax returns.

Evidence of Funds used for Downpayment, Closing Costs, Etc. 

  • Copies of the last 2 months’ statements for each checking, savings and/or deposit account, showing the account number, name, and address of your financial institution.
  • If you are using gift funds, a signed gift letter (see your loan officer for the gift letter form) and verification of source of gift funds.
  • If you have investment accounts, copies of latest stock and/or bond statements detailing the last 2 months.

Refinance Transactions

  • Copies of most recent Deed, Title papers, and Property Survey so that price discounts can be obtained for you.
  • Declarations page of current Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.

Miscellaneous Items

  • If this is a purchase transaction, copy of purchase agreement signed by both buyer and seller.
  • If you are selling your home, copy of listing agreement and pending sale offer to purchase contract.
  • If you are a current mortgage holder, copy of the last end-of-year statement from the current mortgage holder showing the account number, name, and address of the financial institution.
  • If you are currently renting, complete address and phone number of current landlord.
  • If you have been divorced, copy of recorded divorce decree and settlement statement or support agreement showing all financial obligation.
  • If subject property is a condominium, copy of Condo By-Laws and the name, phone number and address of the Condo Association’s President.
  • If you have declared bankruptcy within the past seven years, a complete copy of the petition and discharge and handwritten explanation of the circumstances.
  • If you are a resident alien, evidence of residency that is issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
  • If you are receiving a bridge loan or relocation assistance, copy of the agreement and evidence of funds received.
  • Each applicant (borrower and co-borrower, if applicable) must have their own email address and provide them (no shared email addresses)

Construction Loans

  • Construction agreement including specifications and plans with builder.
  • Lot deed and title policy.