Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Your Platinum Visa Credit Card

Q: How can I monitor/track my Visa credit card transactions?
A: With our Access Point card management portal and our Glass City Card Controls mobile app.

Q: How do I use Access Point? 
A: Log into Access Point, our card management portal, from Home or Mobile Banking. 

Q: What functions are available for my credit card with Access Point?
A: With Access Point, you may view transaction and statement history, enroll in eStatements, make a payment, report a card lost or stolen, transfer non-Glass City loan or credit card balances to your available credit limit, add future travel dates and destinations, initiate a dispute, and more.

Q: What is the new Glass City Card Controls mobile app?
A: You can manage your Glass City credit card with the new Card Controls mobile app. Features include: the ability to view your current balance, payment history, and transaction details. You can also schedule payments and block your card if it’s lost or stolen, set up alerts and controls, lock your card with a single touch, set travel notifications, dispute a transaction, and much more. You can also add your Glass City Visa debit card to the app. The app can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store by searching for Glass City Card Controls. Click here for registration/usage instructions. 

Q: Will I automatically receive text alerts on my mobile phone for all of my credit card and debit card transactions?
A: Yes, once you enroll as a Card Controls user, you will receive text alerts from the number 663-68.

Q: Can I set up my credit card for payment via Digital Wallets?
A: Yes, you can set your credit card up for Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™ and/or Google Pay™ via your mobile phone’s app store. You will then be able to make in-store purchases from your credit card with a single touch or wave of your phone at a participating merchant’s contactless reader. For details and downloading instructions, visit Glass City’s Platinum Visa page here

Q: How can I sign up to view my Visa credit card statements via eStatements?
A: You can enroll your active Visa credit card for eStatements on the Access Point portal or by visiting a Glass City branch. 

Q: How can I obtain a statement prior to 12/1/2019?
A: Contact the credit union.

Q: What is my payment due date?
A: The due date is the 27th of each month.

Q: What is the billing address if I would like to mail my Visa payment?
A: Visa, P.O. Box 37603, Philadelphia, PA. 19101-0603

Q: Who do I call if I have questions about my Visa credit card?
A: Call Glass City FCU during business hours at 419-887-1000. After hours, please call Customer Service at 866-590-7670.

Q: What phone number do I report my card lost/stolen?
A: 866-590-7670. You may also report your card as lost or stolen with the Glass City Card Controls mobile app or the Access Point card management portal. See above for details on these services.

Q: Is there an automated Customer Service number that I can call to obtain basic information about my current credit card status?
A: Yes, you may call the Customer Service number at 866-590-7670 and begin your call with automated assistance to obtain basic credit card information including: your current balance, transactions, to request a replacement card, initiate a dispute, and more.

Q. Will I receive text alerts that will notify me if there is suspected fraudulent activity on my credit card? And, what number will appear on these text alerts, and how should I respond to this alert?
A. You will automatically receive text alerts from the Automated Fraud Alert System, and these alerts will appear as a 5-digit prefix on your mobile phone.
You as the cardholder will have 30 minutes to reply Yes or No to this text alert. If you do not respond within 30 minutes, then a call will be placed to your mobile number. Then, if you cannot be reached, you will be contacted at your home or alternate number if applicable. A voice mail message will be attempted if no direct contact is made.

Q. Can I cancel these text alert messages for fraudulent activity going forward?
A. Yes, to cancel future text alerts, simply reply back STOP to the text message.

Q: Can I earn rewards points for making purchases with my credit card?
A: Yes, if you have a Loyalty Rewards card. Loyalty Rewards cards begin with 4095531

Q: How can I tell if I have a Loyalty Rewards card
A: Your card will begin with 4095531

Q: How can I see my Loyalty Rewards?
A: Log into the Loyalty Rewards link with Glass City Home or Mobile Banking to see your current point balance and to redeem points. Loyalty Rewards points will be posted on your monthly credit card statement; however, the points listed are through 20th of the previous month.

Q: Do I need a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for my credit card?
A: The only time you would need a PIN number is if you are at an ATM and need to get cash out.

Q: How do I obtain a PIN number?
A: You may obtain a PIN number by calling the toll-free automated number at 888-886-0083.

Q: What is a PIN number used for?
A: When you need cash either at an ATM or cash back with your transaction at a merchant.

Q: If I don’t have a PIN number, how can I get cash from my card?
A: You can go into any financial institution that accepts Visa and request a cash advance. If you go to any Glass City FCU branch location, you will not be charged a fee for a cash advance; however, there may be a fee associated with a cash advance conducted at other financial institutions.

Q: Can I buy insurance protection for my Visa card?
A: Yes, thru CSI Life, Disability & Unemployment. For questions call Customer Service at 877-274-5013.

Q: Do I have Auto Rental Coverage with my Visa card?
A: Yes. You may view the “Auto Rental Collision Guide to Benefits” on the Platinum Visa web page, or ask the credit union for a copy. General information from this Guide is as follows:

1. Use your card to initiate and complete your entire car rental transaction.
2. Review the auto rental agreement and decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver (CDW/LDW) option, or a similar provision, as accepting this coverage will cancel out your benefit. If the rental company insists that you purchase their insurance or collision damage waiver, call the Benefit Administrator for assistance at 1-800-348-8472. Outside the United States, call collect at 1-804-673-1164.

Additional Questions? Please call Glass City’s Card Services department at 419-887-1000.