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  • Buzz Points-enrolled Debit Cardholders will receive one point for every $4 spent anywhere 
  • Points can be redeemed for eligible National Retailer Gift Card Rewards in the Buzz Points desktop or mobile applications  (see redemption instruction below)

Frequently Asked Questions About Redeeming Buzz Points 

Q. How do I redeem my points? 
A. To redeem points, click “Rewards” and then click the “National” tab. Choose the national retailer gift card you would like to claim, click the icon and follow the onscreen instructions. Be sure to agree to the terms and conditions listed by clicking both check boxes next to the red text on the final checkout page. 

Q. How long does it take to get a gift card delivered? 
A. Gift cards are e-gift cards and will be emailed to you from: within 3-7 business days. Please note: all national retailer gift cards are delivered via email only.

Q. I’m trying to redeem my points, but it keeps saying “Verify Email Address.”
A. You will need to click the “Verify Email Address” icon. An email will be sent to your email address. Open it and click on the link contained within it. This will verify your email address and you will be able to redeem a reward.

Q. I can’t open my national retailer e-gift card. 
A. If you cannot open your e-gift card, forward it to We’ll gladly open if for you, take a screenshot and respond to your email with your e-gift card as an attachment that you may download and print.

Q. I didn’t receive my national e-gift card.
A. Check your spam folder. It may have been sent there. If you cannot locate it there, please contact support. We’ll have another copy submitted to you that you should receive within 24 hours.

Q. Can I change the email address linked to my account? 
A. Yes. You must login into your account from the website and select “edit account” under your name in the top right corner. Under “The Basics,” you can type in your new email address in the “email” field and click “update” at the bottom of the page to save your changes. You will receive a confirmation email to your new email address. Going forward, you will use your new email address to log in. Note: This can only be done from the Buzz Points website and not on the mobile app.

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Further Questions? You can also contact our Customer Support Team: 


Phone:  1-877-577-2899