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Updated 1/10/14 - Target data breach

The following information concerns the Target data breach, and will be updated as necessary.

**If you received a letter saying you will be receiving a new debit card, your old card will NOT be blocked until after 1/21/14 (not 1/13, as the letter states.)**

As of 1/2/14, we are in the process of contacting any Glass City members whose accounts may have been affected by this data breach, and new cards have been issued and mailed to these card holders.

We are also asking you to continue to monitor your debit card and credit card account activity, as well as your monthly statements. The credit union monitors your account activity through our Falcon alerts, which reports any changes to your typical spending patterns.

An easy way for you to monitor your accounts is to set up debit card text alerts, and credit card text or email alerts. It's simple to do, and only takes a few minutes.

Click here to set up debit card text alerts.

To set up credit card text or email alerts, log in to, or follow the link to the EZCard site through home banking (the link can be found under the Credit Card heading on the Accounts page.)

For a simple how-to guide, please view this helpful blog post.



1/27/14 - Phone Call Fraud

We have received notice that some members are receiving calls from an entity that claims to be the NCUA or Glass City. The call indicates that your card is being deactivated, and that you should press buttons to respond so this does not happen. The telephone number is either "Blocked" or "Unknown." In addition, this does NOT appear to be connected to the accounts affected by the Target breach.

Just a reminder - we will NOT call you via an automated system and ask you to press buttons. The only calls related to your card that you may receive are from our Falcon Alert system, which tracks your spending patterns and alerts you if anything out of the ordinary is spotted.

If you have any questions, please contact any branch office. Thank you!

Updated: 11/21/13- Potential Text Message Scam

Please be aware that a scam involving text messages to credit union members may affect you. The text reads:

We are temporarily preventing access to your account for security purposes. Please call 425-606-3663.

The only text messaging we send to our members are those that you proactively sign up for in Home Banking or for your debit card. We will not send you any unauthorized text messages.

Please do not respond to any of these messages, and contact us at any branch if you receive any text messages that you believe may be a scam. Thank you!

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